July 30, 2007

My New Job

Like I said previously, I am currently employed with EOK (Elements of Knowledge), a new tutoring company in Winnipeg. They have established centres in Waterloo, Toronto, Hong Kong, and New York already. Some shameless advertisement here, lol. Please read on!

I have trained with the program the students will be using to learn math and it's VERY detailed, concise, thoughtful, and flexible. I'll give you an example of a scenario we were trained in. When a new student comes in, say he just finished grade 3 and as the instructor, I want to assess where he is at. I would set him up as a grade 4 student but bring in grade 3 materials (for assessment purposes) with just a click of a mouse. Very simple. Since grade 3 focuses on multiplication and division, I would give him some of the overall grade multiplication exercises to do. If he's having problems with 2 digits * 1 digit, I would have him do exercises with 1 digit * 1 digit. Very easy since every thing is labelled and linked under a big tree. This would be advantageous to the students because they will receive a tailored curriculum to help them improve without going into their frustration level. In addition, the students will NOT have a keyboard to use, instead they will have a number pad keyboard to use. This will prevent the students from being able to surf the internet or chat on MSN during class time. Lastly, I believe it will be a 1:6 ratio (instructor:students), this might change but it'll be around there.

Our centre is located at 72 Scurfield. It won't open until sometime in October, I was told this date MIGHT change, depending on the renovations. The centre looks great, so far, by the way! Our hours of operation would be:

Monday to Friday: 3:30pm - 9pm
Saturday: 8am - 8pm
Sunday: 12pm - 6pm

There will be a $30 registration fee and I *think* we will only accept cheques and cash. There will be special programs:

  1. For every 2 referrals by the parents or students, the student will receive $30 credit.

  2. If you are enrolling more than 1 child, 10% off each kid after and you only pay 2 registration fees.

  3. If you pay for 12 months all at once, you get 1 month free. The restrictions are that you are paying for continuous sessions and there will be no refunds.

Every new student will be assessed by an instructor and EOK employs qualified and trained instructors. I mean, I got in didn't I? :P

Anyways, if you are interested, please let me know. You can send me a message on Facebook or email me at alice.py.li@gmail.com.


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