July 27, 2007

Sims 2

For the past week, I've been addicted to Sims 2. I have all the expansions and I finally installed them all. Took so long! O.o I have a kid now and you would not believe how much work it takes to take care of the baby, satisfy my own needs, AND run a business at home! Luckily my husband makes enough money + some cheat codes (oops! :D) so I don't have to open my business everyday. In addition to ALL that, you have to make friends too! My hubby is a politician so he needs lotsa friends. Sighs. He's close to being promoted to Mayor! :)

Well, I'm going out soon to eat dinner with Alf, Beck, and Al. We're going to Hsieh Family Restaurant for water gou (Chinese dumpling). Their water gou and war tip is pretty good too. On Wednesday and Friday, it's buy one get one free, that's why we're going today. Anyways, should be leaving in 10 minutes, gonna go see what Alf is doing.


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